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We are Bryan and Paul the co-founders of Italy Beer Tours. We have lifetime of shared experiences in the craft beer world, we also quite literally authored the book on Italian craft beer! We conduct a variety of beer centered tours around Rome and other regions of Italy.  

Sample a variety of Italian craft beers along with Roman cuisine and experience a Rome the local beer lovers call home.


Held seasonally, we will visit pubs in Trastevere, Campo de Fiori and near the Colosseum. The average trip lasts 3 hours, but the experience lasts a lifetime.


Personalized tours are available depending on the needs of the group, size, accessibility, and interests! The walking tours are perfect for solo or group travelers.


In 1996, a handful of men inspired a crusade--the Italian craft beer movement. Italy: Beer Country presents the movement's humble roots and the passionate brewers whose persistent, dogged determination allowed them to overcome cultural bias, low expectations, and Italy's infuriating taxes, to forge what has become Europe's most vibrant beer scene. Italy: Beer Country is the first written history of this evolving, creative craft beer movement.

“A stellar handbook of Italian craft brewing. Lots of color artwork enhances this charming and enjoyable ramble through an ancient land with a new tradition–craft beer!"

–Celebrator Beer News

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