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Sample 3-Day Tour Itinerary:

Note: We are always striving to offer you the best experience possible.
Each tour will be a little different and we will do everything we can to
ensure each tour provides the best Italian beer journey we can offer.

Day 1 (Thursday)

Birrificio Italiano (Lurago Marinone) – Lunch & Brewery Tour

On April 3, 1996 the Italian craft beer movement was launched from this very site. Brewer

Agostino Arioli created Tipopils, the first Italian-style beer. This hop-forward pilsner went on to inspire other Italian breweries and eventually reach across the ocean to influence breweries like Firestone Walker with their Pivo pilsner. Agostino and his brother Stefano will offer you a range of award-winning beers at this historical location.

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Birrificio Vetra (Caronno Pertusella) – Brewery Tour & Tasting

Stefano Simonelli worked at Birrificio Italiano and learned much from the master, Agostino. He set off on his own in late-2016 to explore new opportunities. During his time at Birrificio Italiano he made a name for himself as an expert creative brewer. We will draw straight from the tanks to see what he is up to. We're certain it'll be great.

Birrificio Lambrate New Pub (Milan) – Dinner

We wrap up day one of our Italian beer adventure at one of the pioneering breweries in the heart of Milan. Here two brothers, Davide and Giampaolo Sangiorgi, set a course into the unknown. Their crew included their friends Fabio, Alessandra and Paolo. The young troop, all in their early 20's, helped usher Italy into the modern world of great craft beer. We rendevous in Milan at Lambrate's spacious new location, an ideal way to cap off a great day of beer and food. We will spend the night at the wonderful Echo Milano hotel.


Day 2 (Friday)

Birrificio Stradaregina (Vigevano) – Lunch & Brewery Tour

We eat lunch at La Piadineria in the heart of Vigevano. Think sandwiches stuffed with tasty morsels of Italian creativity.

From there it is a short drive to Birrificio Stradaregina who got started in 2014 and quickly developed a reputation for delicious, innovative brews. From IPA's to Lambics, you'll come to learn why with every sip at an exclusive tasting with Alessio and Andrea.

Brewfist (Piacenza) – Dinner & Brewery Tour

Brewer Pietro Di Pilato is a new comer to the scene, but Pietro started with essential ingredients, great beer and one of Italy's largest brewing systems. We'll share his fantastic, more American-style, beers at their pub called Terminal 1. Afterward, we head to Parma to spend the night at the beautiful Du Parc Hotel.


Day 3 (Saturday)

Toccalmatto (Fidenza) – Lunch & Brewery Tour

Bruno Carilli is one of the most influential brewers in Italy. His love for hoppy beer and enthusiasm for collaborations has extended the reach of Italian craft beer. Never short of words, here is a chance to learn what this scene is all about straight from one of the best. 

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Lambiczoon (Milan) – Farewell Dinner

After this exclusive experience at some of Italy's most important breweries, you will want to compare them to some of your old favorites. Along with some of the finest Italian beer, Lambiczoon has many of the Belgian and German classics. Naturally, some of the great lambics are included in this selection. So, let's relax and share one last great beer together and enjoy a night among new and old friends.

Birrificio Lambrate (Milan) – Post-Dinner Fun

We know just one visit to Lambrate isn't going to cut it. Winners of several national and international awards Birrificio Lambrate's tiny original pub is a welcoming place to end our journey. Lambrate typically has 12-15 beers on tap, so take your time to finish where you started on day one. Here, the Italian craft beer movement found its Cheers! To complete the circle, we stay once again at the beautiful Echo Milano Hotel.

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