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Be one of the few to experience a scene so young not many are aware it exists. Meet influential pioneers and tour their breweries seeing firsthand how they are changing, not only Italian history, but beer history. Gain exclusive access to breweries not opened to the public with the chance to meet some of the leaders of this up-and-coming movement.

Learn, taste and embrace the terroir, the Italian brewer’s crucial ingredient. This is the frontier of brewing. Let the authors of the book show you an Italy as new to Italians as it is to you.

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In 1996, a handful of men inspired a crusade--the Italian craft beer movement. Italy: Beer Country presents the movement's humble roots and the passionate brewers whose persistent, dogged determination allowed them to overcome cultural bias, low expectations, and Italy's infuriating taxes, to forge what has become Europe's most vibrant beer scene. Italy: Beer Country is the first written history of this evolving, creative craft beer movement.

“A stellar handbook of Italian craft brewing. Lots of color artwork enhances this charming and enjoyable ramble through an ancient land with a new tradition–craft beer!"

–Celebrator Beer News

Hang original art by Paul Vismara, an award-winning illustrator whose work has been seen in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, La Republica and Forbes Magazine. His work is featured around the world and now can hang in your home, office or bar. Show your support of Italian craft beer with our t-shirts sporting our logo created by il maestro, Paul Vismara.