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Italy Beer Tours was founded by Bryan Jansing and Paul Vismara in 2014. After writing the first book about Italian craft beer, Italy: Beer Country, the pair wanted to share Italian beer culture with craft beer lovers from around the world. The only logical way to arrange a tour was through both beer and food. This is Italy, afterall.


Italian food culture is well-known. Less known is how Italians eat with a drink in mind. More and more they are choosing beer as the accompaniment to their fine food. In fact, beer, not wine, is the beverage most consumed outside the home. Surprised? There are more surprises to come, which will shatter preconceived ideas of Italians, especially when it comes to craft beer. Paul and Bryan want to take you to the heart of this new, thriving culture in the old world.


Writer, Tour Guide


Bryan Jansing is an international, award-winning author. His fiction has been a finalist for the Colorado Book Awards. He has worked with the Beer Advocate, Celebrator and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Bryan worked for nearly 20 years at the famous Falling Rock Tap House in Denver, Colorado. 

Photo by Kari Cummings

Illustrator, Tour Guide


​​Paul Vismara is an award-winning illustrator. Over the course of his twenty-five-year professional career, his work has been seen in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, La Republica, Newsweek and Forbes Magazine. He worked at the famous Falling Rock Tap House in Denver, Colorado for about 13 years while expanding his knowledge of the craft beer world. 

Photo by Kari Cummings

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