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Italy’s 2017 Finest Breweries

Every year Italy’s largest brewer’s association Union Birrai holds its much anticipated Birraio Dell’Anno, Brewer of the Year contest. This year the event was held in Florence at Teatro ObiHall where 25 Italian breweries were finalists. Over 100 beers were sampled and on the third day 1 winner was hailed.

We congratulate this year’s brewer of the year, Marco Valeriani from Hammer. Auguri!

Italy Beer Tours will take you to many of Italy’s top breweries of the year including Lambrate who won First Place last year and whose brewer, Fabbio Brocca won the coveted Brewer of the Year. Lambrate placed in the top twenty this year.

In Fourth Place is the great Agostino Arioli’s Birrificio Italiano, Italy’s first craft brewery who we visit on Day One of our trip. Agostino is the inventor of Italy’s first true Italian craft beer, the Tipo Pils.

Among the top 15 was LoverBeer. Although we don’t include LoverBeer on our map as a destination, we do make it a point to visit him on the chance Valter Loverier is there. A very tiny and lovely brewery about the size of an American two-car garage, LoverBeer is one of the hottest breweries in Italy. Valter’s story is very relevant to the history of this magnificent beer scene as he was one of the first to gain great success farmed from Italy’s very large homebrewer’s scene.

Also on this year’s list that we will be visiting is Bruno Carilli from Toccalmatto who’s wide range of brews have continually pushed Italy’s comfort zone with great international and local collaborations as well as never shying away from hops.

We will visit on this year’s top 20 list, Alessio Selvaggio from Croce di Malto, Riccardo Franzosi from Birrificio Montegioco, Pietro Di Pilota from Brewfist and Lorenzo Guarino from Rurale.

Join us for a tour of some of Italy’s and certainly the world’s greatest beers. We can’t wait!

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