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Craft Beer Walking Tour

Rome is the engine that drove the Italian craft beer movement. Which is why it’s no surprise that Italy’s Beer Garden has some 80 bottle shops and over 100 craft beer pubs. The walking tour meanders through the Eternal City to some of the most important pubs in Italy’s unique beer scene.

Are your tours held only during certain months out of the year? 

Our tours are held all year round!  

What if myself or someone in my group does not like beer? Will I still have a good time? 

Of course! While beer to us translates into community, the spots we frequent (except maybe one) will have natural wine, spritz and non-alcoholic drink options! 

Are beers included in the price of the tour? Or do we need to pay for our own? 

Four beers (one at each stop) are included in the price. Beer ranges from 5 to 8 euros depending on the degree of alcohol. Additional beers are absolutely available for purchase at every spot we visit!  


We are traveling without a car, will this be a problem? 

Our tours start and end in Trastevere and together we will walk through the Campo d’ Fiori neighborhood. Public transportation is very easy in Rome and most of the pubs are in walking distance from the main attractions of the city!  

Sample a variety of Italian craft beers along with Roman cuisine and experience a Rome the local beer lovers call home.Personalized tours are available depending on the needs of the group, size, accessibility, and interests! The walking tours are perfect for solo or group travelers.

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